25 hours mobility is...

… living mobility every second

... looking into the future beyond tomorrow

... meeting mobility problems through innovative ideas

... thinking and acting based on a multidisciplinary approach

... overcoming old barriers and building new bridges

... breaking up rigid frameworks

... experiencing mobility on a new level

Where local public transport and private transport meet, we at Metropolis offer a unique overall plan providing conceptual solutions, software and the corresponding hardware as well as the direct implementation.

We connect research, economy, public institutions and the society's wish for mobility and offer new incentives and innovations. At the same time, we provide the necessary services to make a successful local transport revolution come true.

In a minimum of time, we use our innovative ideas to create the infrastructure for a Living Lab assessing mobility concepts on an urban and suburban level.

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Fleet management

As part of our mobility center, we run an operating system including a call center. We rely on the radio data system of innovative market leaders, which is used by many dispatch centers of high quality in Europe. We do not use the system as a mere GPS tracking and for procuring the orders via GPRS but as a modern fleet management system. This is the basis for our innovative ideas and their implementation.

In general, we can manage all types of fleets. Our clients are typical taxi and limousine services companies as well as companies offering paratransit service for disabled people, public demand responsive transport and other special types of public transport in Germany and Austria.

Individual local public transport

When the conventional local public transport goes below the limit of profitability, this is where the individualized public transport comes in. Our unique Demand Responsive Transport models help you stay flexible and offer your citizens more mobility through special line transports or ordered busses. In Germany, these are called e.g. Anruf-Linien-Taxi (ALT), Anruf-Sammel-Taxi (AST) or Bürgerbusse.

We also offer tailored solutions for companies as well as health insurance companies in order to reduce costs and increase mobility.


For local authorities, research and economy:

We help you in understanding complex connections in the regulated market of carriage of passengers and support you with feasibility studies and our know-how. From basic knowledge to a complete professional opinion: Make use of our more than  40 years of experience. Create the basis for your projects with the necessary knowledge.

Mobility concepts

Use Metropolis' new mobility concepts for carriage of passengers. Together, we will develop new and individual strategies and new business sectors. We support you with changing and opening-up of existent markets and structures and help you overcome any opposition. Let the future start today!

Taxi 4.0

We do not consider the profound change in the carriage of passengers a threat but a challenge and opportunity to create structures for the future. By consequently using new technologies and outsourcing of services, such as the call center, we offer our customers competitiveness via standardization, transparency and efficiency in many small innovative ideas.

Our portfolio includes professional dispatching and automated driver accounting as well as paperless administration and controlling car access.

Case Studies

In our service center we dispatch around 250 vehicles: taxis and limousines, services for the handicaped, school busses, demand responsive transport and even water transportation: when it comes to mobility, there are no limits!

Our partners are e.g. City of Frankfurt am Main, Stadtwerke Aschaffenburg, the Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund KVV and Verkehrsbetriebe Rastatt.

Your contact person:

Benjamin Schmidt, CEO

Telefon: +49 6021 4177-725
E-Mail: b.schmidt@metropolis-service.de