25 hours mobility is...

...the concept

We don't want to disrupt established structures in individual mobility, but using the good parts, modernizing and strengthen them.

By means of an elaborate overall plan and intelligent dispatch technology, we make the digital future possible where the small and individual local public transport meets the bigger transport units.

Whether this applies to Muggensturm or Frankfurt: we offer individual and tailored solutions for your mobility problems.

...the implementation

Using our overall plan including conceptual solutions, software and the corresponding hardware, we offer a one-stop solution for a fast and direct implementation.

Our custom-fit fleet management system is the core of our mobility center. This offers not only a fast modular adaptation to individual mobility problems but also digitalization of all operational procedures in connection with the carriage of passengers.

By combining all means of booking, ranging from phone to social media and apps, we do not only approach younger smartphone users but the whole society.

...next level

We are not able to beamm people - yet. This would be revolutionary. Organizing the transportation of a person from one place to another via app is digital, but no real digitalization, not to mention Mobility 4.0:

Combining digital and analogue booking processes, accurately fitting capacity utilization, integration of e-mobility, barrier-free transportation, cashless payments, transparent accounting, digital administration and complaint management, evaluation of all processes.

Not until the single processes are combined by the means of digital technology and transparent structures, we can create real mobility 4.0. With Metropolis Service's 25 hours mobility, we take this essential step further.

About us

We are crazy (in the most positive sense of the word) about the topics mobility and digitalization. We are urged by the despair that nothing is the way it should be. As a consequence, we started searching our own solutions for smaller projects - always in line with a large overall concept.

By cross-linking these processes and procedures, we connect a lot of systems as far as the administration level. This is real digitalization.

We obtain our know-how from several decades of experience, we gained in the sector of carriage of passengers. Therefore, we are no startup company with unrealistic visions and expected profits. Our ideas are problem-oriented, realistic and at the same time innovative and detail-oriented.

No start-up. Proven. It works. Metropolis Service's 25 hours mobility