Case Studies

No pipe dream: Live on site

For sure, we have not turned all of our ideas and visions of the future into action yet. However, you can catch up on the current status of our ongoing projects in Germany and Austria. You will see that everything needed is present and above all: It really works!

Service centre Rhein-Main

All strings converge at our servie center in Aschaffenburg/Gro├čostheim. From here, we spread our ideas and manage the dispatching system. Our 24/7 Operations Center receives the different local orders by phone, email or online/via app. The system processes them and forwards them to the local companies via radio data transmission.

The equipment in the vehicles ensures an automated and consistent communication with our server. This way, journeys can be paid via identification cards/prepaid cards and we can collects statistical data regarding the efficiency of certain routes.

Currently, we transfer requests to more than 250 vehicles in over 20 fleets.

Examples of our current projects:

AST Aschaffenburg

Since 1st January 2016, we have been conducting the Anruf-Sammel-Transport of the Stadtwerke Aschaffenburg (municipal utility) together with our partner Metropolis Taxi. Thanks to our technology, we managed to increase the efficiency by around 220 % compared to the former provider. The complete transparency in terms of the voyages and accounting does not only benefit the city treasury but also the citizens: thanks to the cost reductions, the AST schedule as well as the comfort for the people could be expanded - without increasing the costs compared to the former provider. With a minimum of effort, people from smaller communities can be brought closer to the center of Aschaffenburg in a cost-efficient way.

This project is developed further constantly. In 2016, one of the first AST apps of Germany was launched and integrated into the Stadtwerke Aschaffenburg App.

For further information and to access the online order form, please click here.

DDZ Frankfurt: Special transportation for people with impaired mobility offered by the department of youth and social welfare in Frankfurt am Main

Our largest project so far: On 01st December 2016, we helped the City of Frankfurt am Main to open up the market for journey with special vehicles. Within a few weeks, the number of participating companies increased from 4 to more than 20, the vehicles from round about 30 up to over 100. As an effect the number of journeys increased in the first year from 53.000 up to 65.000 and rising.


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Benjamin Schmidt, CEO

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