Fleet management

The control center for our ideas

Our fleet management system is the execution level of our ideas and therefore works as the control center where our input is converted into functional specifications.

In the digitalized maps, the vehicles of the single fleets are located and the fitting request filtered. Different factors are involved here. Our clients provide us with the requirements, such as absolute efficiency, convenience as well as a fair placement of order. The fleet management system will implement these requisites fully automated.

One system - many options

In a modular system, thousands of combinable system parameters allow us to install different means of traffic - without touching the coding, we receive individual solutions.

There is no limits to the implementation of complex transportation structures. Several collateral systems can be displayed or integrated in one system.

Integration of new means of ordering and payment options

The integration of new means of ordering via smartphone and internet plays an important role here. The modular system guarantees fast and well-tried possibilities to implement the ideas. For this reason, in 2016, we have been able to launch the first AST app in Germany. In 2017, a test version was commissioned for the Verkehrsbetriebe Rastatt. The final release will take place soon.

Additionally, we are currently working on the integration of modern payment options. Besides the classic payment via EC and credit card, payment via PayPal and prepaid card is possible. The next step is to integrate combi-tickets and e-tickets.

But not only modern payment options become possible but also collecting bonus points. With our modular system, it is already possible to offer so called "Green Points" for the use of public transport, which can be used for vouchers and discounts. There are no limits here.

Transparency. Always

Through different monitoring systems and checks, we gain absolute transparency and protection against manipulation. Our clients can control the performance via their own interface in real time. This prevents irregularities regarding the placement of order and accounting. 

Your contact person:

Benjamin Schmidt, CEO

Telefon: +49 6021 4177-725
E-Mail: b.schmidt@metropolis-service.de