Individual local public transport

Stay connected in the rural area

Today people are more mobile than ever. Especially in rural and suburban areas, a lack of local traffic services produce an increase of using private vehicles. // private traffic

Often the authorities then try to compensate these individual needs by extending the bus schedule or with special night buses. However, holding the vehicles available is expensive and in most cases these costs are not justifiable on a political level.

There are two possible consequences regarding mass transport and private transport: A high financial burden for the public sector or further weakening of rural areas. Since the population is decreasing in the rural area, the number of potential local public transport costumers decreases as well. This means that the circumstances between the cities and the country differ more and more. The future are multimodal means of traffic right where it is needed: as Demand Responsive Transport (DRT).

Demand Responsive Transport

This is where we come into play: We offer a reasonable and competitive overall concept as alternative to the conventional local public transport - a Demand Responsive Transport living up to its name: innovative, efficient, and totally transparent.

We do not reinvent the wheel. Our goal is to increase the occupancy rate in smaller vehicles by implementing technical solutions. By integrating payment options in existent network systems, we increase the convenience, lower the administrative expenses and at the same time ensure the best security.


Future prospect: local transport revolution

Our concept goes far beyond the mere replacement of busses through taxis in times of lower utilization. We analyze the local circumstances and combine and complement lines that are not used to capacity or only fixed to a center. The only way to convince the people to use public transport is to increase flexibility, comfort and readiness, therefore increasing its benefits compared to private transport. Only when the destinations and the schedules are expanded, sustainable influence on the mobility behavior beyond the use of passenger car is possible.

Metropolis offers ideal approaches, even on the smallest level.

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