Taxi 4.0

The taxi business on the move: challenge accepted!

The digitalization of the working world will not stop short of any industry. After the profound change that is happening at the moment, today's commercial carriage of passengers will never be the same.

We at Metropolis, understand this change as a challenge and opportunity to make a leap forward. We use the present technical capabilities and combine them with our long-lasting local presence. However, since growing structures can develop into the wrong directions, local companies need a more efficient way to meet the new challenges

Consistent use of technology

Strict, standardized and reproducible structures

Leading position through knowledge

Opening up of new markets

Project "Taxi 4.0": Highest Efficiency!

We create an ideal of a company meeting today's challenges uncompromisingly observing the applicable laws.

Our project "Taxi 4.0" means digitalization and crosslinking many individual processes and smaller projects to a whole guaranteeing standardization, transparency, efficiency and competitiveness.

"Taxi 4.0" is not a static concepts but is growing through new incentives given by our partners. Everybody has other fields of expertise and different enthusiasm. And everyone breaks the local borders of their own company via their specialization and the use of shared resources. Together, we can create something new this way

Our shared goal: We want to design the future of mobility today.

From project to project, we get closer to this goal. We infect each other with our enthusiasm - enabling us to seize new opportunities and meet the challenges of the future together.

Your contact person:

Benjamin Schmidt, CEO

Telefon: +49 6021 4177-725